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Big Rig Products offers service and installation for the HP2000 APU system.

Unique Heat Pump System
Over 8 years in development and on-road testing and usage, the HP2000 Auxiliary Power Unit was designed specifically for the transportation industry, and was designed and built to handle the extreme temperatures drivers battle every day. By eliminating the need for the truck’s engine to idle, fuel usage is reduced significantly, and allows the driver to enjoy all the comforts that normally are associated with an idling engine.

Keeps You Cool, Warm, and Powered Up
Heat pump system provides:
• 18,000 BTU HEATING
• 15,000 BTU COOLING
• Provides 12 Volt DC
• 65 amp charging power for the vehicle batteries

Big Rig Products introduces the HP2000 Auxiliary Power Unit
Big Rig Products now offers the HP2000 APU system. Big Rig does installation, service, and sales for the HP2000 at both its Oklahoma City location and its Houston Texas locaton. All though the HP2000 has a new concept with its heat pump, it is designed from proven technology. The HP2000 provides an alternate source for air conditioning and heating for truck drivers without the truck engine running. In addition, the HP2000 will maintain the truck's batteries with its 60amp alternator. The entire HP2000 system can be installed on most trucks in less than a day. The HP2000 APU complies to anti-idling laws everywhere as an alternative to truck idling.
Installation, Service, & Sales Offered At
for more information call 405-672-0371
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