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Truck Repair Oklahoma City and Trailer Repair Oklahoma City
24 Hour Roadside Service & Repair
For Semi Trucks Oklahoma 
Call - (405) 672-0371 

Semi Truck
Brakes ~ Wheel Seals
Alternators ~ Starters ~ Turbo
Exhaust ~ PTO Pumps
Wet Kits ~ Welding
Tank Trailer Repair
APU / Generator Sales & Service
DOT Inspections
Oil Changes
Truck AC Repair 
Truck Radiators ~ Coolant System 
Truck welding ~ Trailer welding 

Big Rig does Truck Repair in Oklahoma City and Trailer Repair in Oklahoma City. Big Rig repairs air condition system on trucks and semi trucks. Truck AC repair and car AC repair. Additionally, Big Rig installs wet kits onto semi trucks. The pictures below show a semi truck rigged up to haul crude oil. It has a Muncie PTO installed which is directly coupled to a Muncie hydraulic pump. The pump is hosed up to a Paragon HydraFlow hydraulic cooler unit. The hydraulic hoses, both suction and high pressure are bulk head mounted. Hydraulic hoses then attach between the bulk head mount and the tanker trailer pumping system. The bulk head mount installation is a clean setup which allows the hydraulic hoses to be removed. The PTO controls, which engage and disengage pumping ability are mounted inside the truck cab in a convenient location.


Big Rig Mobile Truck Repair Oklahoma City......Roadside Truck Service for breakdowns......24 hr truck roadside repair in OKC......Repairing Trucks on the side of the road all over Oklahoma.......Flatbed Trailer Repairing......Truck Repair OKC.......Broke down truck ?

Call Big Rig Products.....OKC road side truck repair......405-672-0371 

TA truck stop in Oklahoma City & Petro truck stop Oklahoma City offers mobile truck repair & truck roadside service in okc and its greater surrounding area. Both the ta truck stop and petro truck stop okc have shops that do truck repair in okc. However, both the ta truck stop okc & petro truck stop okc are limited on making certain truck repairs and trailer repairs. They can perform DOT annual truck inspection, but are limited to minor truck light repair, brakes, & a few other things. The truck stops in okc service semi trucks and sometimes service APUs. At Big Rig truck repair shop in okc, we not only perform DOT inspection on semi trucks & trailers, we are also able to make any needed truck repairs at our okc shop. Likewise, we can make any needed trailer repairs. Weather it be a flatbed trailer, bulk trailer, or refrigerated trailer repair in okc. Truck stops in okc are also limited on servicing equipment. Big Rig can service your semi truck, service your APU & service your refer all at one stop in okc. We are not limited to only making truck repairs at our shop in okc, but we also repair truck equipment, such as ptos, pumps, blowers, wet kits. Also, we strive to give our customers speedy service. We understand that your time is valuable. You shouldn't have to spend 2 or 3 days waiting at a repair shop in okc for your turn. Or, driving around okc all day, going to carrier to have your refer repair or service, and then to a trailer repair shop in okc to have your trailer repaired and then to a truck repair shop in okc to have your truck repaired or serviced, and then onto another repair shop in okc to have your APU serviced or to have a seal replaced on your truck pump or blower system. In an emergency truck breakdown situation, we can dispatch our roadside service truck to make repairs in okc and Oklahoma.
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* Store is conveniently located off of I-240 in Oklahoma City
* Trained, certified, and experienced technicians
* Competitive pricing
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